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AeroStar Dynamics UAS NDAA Compliance

AeroStar Dynamics, LLC. is a US-based company that designs, manufactures, and provides UAS (unmanned aerial systems) to a wide variety of customers and industries. In order to acquire, purchase, contract, operate, or otherwise access UAS or UAS services, US Government entities, as set forth by FAR (Federal Acquisition Regulation) rules, must adhere to the provisions set forth by section 889 of FY2019 NDAA (National Defense Authorization Act) and section 848 of FY2020 NDAA and any subsequently revised versions of these sections.

Upon request, AeroStar offers UAS & UAS services that are, to the best of their knowledge, legal for US Government entities to acquire, purchase, contract, operate, or otherwise access in accordance with the FAR rules as well as section 889 (FY2019 NDAA) and section 848 (FY2020 NDAA) and all subsequent revisions of sections 889 and 848 through the present. 

AeroStar does NOT use any covered telecommunications equipment or services, or any equipment, system, or service that uses covered telecommunications equipment or services; therefore AeroStar systems are safe and legal to utilize for virtually all government agencies or government contractors. Many government and government affiliated organizations have purchased and currently utilize AeroStar UAS. These include: the USDA, Mitre Corporation, U.S. Dept. of State, public universities, and more.

Although AeroStar is not currently listed on the Blue SUAS or GSA lists, AeroStar’s UAS are still safe and legal to be purchased and operated by US government entities. The Blue SUAS and GSA lists are simply two of many purchasing methods which the government entities can utilize to acquire equipment. The Blue SUAS and GSA lists currently only feature camera and sensor payload carrying UAS because those types of UAS are more frequently purchased by government agencies. For AeroStar’s agricultural focused UAS, there are several other processes and methodologies that government entities can utilize to purchase/use AeroStar’s systems. If you are a government or government affiliated organization that has questions about how to safely and legally utilize AeroStar’s UAS, please feel free to reach out to AeroStar at 1-717-583-7663 and/or


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