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AeroStar Pro


The AeroStar Pro is the largest drone in our fleet, The AeroStar Pro is a fully autonomous, six-rotor High-Capacity Agriculture drone manufactured by AeroStar Dynamics.

The AeroStar Pro is equipped with a precision spraying system, a high capacity 30L tank, TeeJet nozzles, and electronic flowmeters. Each drone comes equipped with an RC controller, 2 batteries and a battery charger for fast charging. This high-capacity platform specially designed for agriculture applications, adopts a quick-release water tank and battery, compact body, light in weight and convenient to fold.

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A flow meter (or a flow sensor) is type of instrument used to indicate the amount of liquid moving through a pipe or tube. Since flow control is often essential, measuring the flow of liquids is critical for many applications. The ability to conduct accurate flow measurements can make the difference between making a profit or taking a loss. Inaccurate flow measurements – or failure to take measurements – can cause serious (or even disastrous) results.

Real-time kinematic (RTK) GPS is a type of GPS technology that uses GPS signals and a base station to provide highly accurate positioning data. RTK GPS systems use additional information from a a local base station in addition to satellite signals to increase the accuracy of the GPS data.

AeroStar Drones use Obstacle Avoidance Radar to detect and bypass obstacles to reach their predefined destination. The drone can adjust and navigate around detected obstacles to complete the mission plan. 

Equipped with a camera, first-person view (FPV) live video transmission technology allows drone pilots to see real-time video feed from the drone’s perspective in High-Definition resolution. 

Various liquid or granular products can be sprayed or dispersed from AeroStar drones. Treatment and application rates are adjustable, efficient, and thorough with uniform coverage. 

AeroStar drones can be flown completely autonomously through your computer control. An RC controller is included for manual flight. Conduct autonomous or manual flights with ease.

Field Mapping data can be completed and stored on your personal laptop. Saved mapping data can then be used for autonomous flight missions. 

AeroStar Drones are custom made and based in the USA and manufactured and engineered with innovative hardware and software components made locally and in the USA.  

Happy crops and successful customers are our mission.

We provide our drone customers with the field and technology expertise and training to ensure success.

With AeroStar Dynamics drones and our support, seasoned farmers and new growers are able to serve their farming communities easier and more successfully.

We are proudly American owned and operated and supporting our customers is our top priority.

Normal business hours are Monday through Saturday from 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM Eastern Time.

Free Delivery within 75 Mile Radius of our York, PA warehouse


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