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Crop Seeding

Because they can precisely place seeds, drones are ideal for small, irregularly-shaped fields with rough terrain. Aerial seeding allows the broadcasting of cover crop seed into standing row crops preharvest and disperses seeds that might otherwise be difficult to plant.

Cover Crop Seeding

AeroStar Dynamics Drones autonomously fly along a preprogrammed flight path to release the seeds onto the field below – the seeding rate is adjustable. Aerial seeding is generally fast and easy and allows a farmer to establish a robust cover crop stand months before cash crop harvests.

Farmers can plant a cover crop using aerial seeding months before cash crops are harvested in the early fall. The cover crop will grow and develop under current vegetation and when the pay crops are harvested, the cover crops will stay, safeguarding the soil through the winter.

Sit back and relax. Not only is aerial seeding extremely efficient, AeroStar Dynamics can do it for you!

No Crop Damage. Aerial crop seeding eliminates crop and soil damage by conventional seeders, particularly on the smaller unevenly shaped fields of the northeast.

Farmers rushing to establish cover crops after harvest can damage soil when planting cover crops in wet fields. Even after heavy rain, our drones can get into muddy fields to complete seeding.


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