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Crop Treatment

AeroStar Dynamics Crop Aerial Treatment Service will allow you to perform precision spraying and fertilizing in less time and at a lower cost.

Types of Crop Spray

Pesticide- Treatments require even more attention to efficiency, efficacy, and safety. Each crop requires a slightly different approach to the application of pesticides. We provide thorough and uniform coverage of the target with droplets carrying active ingredients.

Fungicide- Fungicides are applied to help control or suppress plant diseases in broad acre and specialty crops. With our variety of customizable treatment options, you can give your plants the ultimate protection—from the ground up.

Fertilizing- Crop nutrition decisions hugely influence the yield, quality and health of a crop and also have an impact on the environment. Find the right plan to help you make well informed nutrition decisions.

AeroStar Dynamics is committed to helping growers produce their best crop in terms of yield and plant health, to optimize their return.

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